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Tiny Kitchens

Quality, Practicality

Smart Kitchenware for Tiny Spaces

Have a tiny kitchen with limited space? No problems with JSK ‘freezer to oven’ collapsible kitchenware.  Each piece is multipurpose, space-saving, easy to clean and looks good in your kitchen. Made from premium grade (LFGB) silicone – because we care about quality when it comes to silicone kitchenware you eat and drink from.

“For those who value quality & style in their collapsible kitchenware”

“Truly Multipurpose – can go from the freezer to the oven!”

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My Story

I have always enjoyed making improvements to processes & systems to make things more efficient. That is what I did in the corporate world up until 5 years ago.  When an unfortunate personal circumstance (leaving an abusive relationship) left me losing my life savings, it forced me to rethink what I really wanted to do with my life – did I want to continue to work for someone else in a ‘corporate cubicle’? The answer was no!

Without having anything left to lose, I took my business skills and embarked on a trip along the east coast of Australia living in a small Aussie teardrop trailer with the determination to build my own business.  I exhibited a range of space-saving kitchenware at caravan and camping shows and online and was able to work from my laptop anywhere – in coffee shops, caravan parks, the beach – wherever. The freedom and adventure that brought was a lifestyle I fell in love with.   

I sold the business at the end of 2016 and then started JSK.  I believe that when it comes to food containers that touch the food and drink you consume, they should be of the best quality – German standard, and that is what the JSK silicone kitchenware is made of. Not only that, each piece is multi-purpose – convenience without the clutter.

With JSK kitchenware, you have the comfort of knowing you are cooking & consuming food from good quality, silicone kitchenware – that is also easy to clean, easy to store and looks good in your kitchen.  

My passion: Other than running my business from the road in my caravan? I love to dance! Rockabilly Jive & West Coast Swing are my favourites followed by Salsa & Bachata. My dream is to dance around the world! (which is being temporarily put on hold at the moment due to Covid but it will make me appreciate it even more when we can dance again!)

Jacquie Treagus

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