Quality, Compact, Multipurpose Kitchenware

for Tiny Kitchens

Quality, Practical

Smart Kitchenware for Tiny Spaces

Have a tiny kitchen with limited space? No problems with JSK ‘freezer to oven’ collapsible kitchenware.  Each piece is multipurpose, space-saving, easy to clean and looks good in your kitchen. Made from premium grade (LFGB) silicone – because we care about quality when it comes to silicone kitchenware you eat and drink from

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” I cursed my wife when I realised she’d chosen to get these. We have a drawer full of plastic tubs and I hate it, it’s packed full and they always fall behind the drawer, infuriating to say the least. I thought these would just add to it but actually I was wrong. They save loads of space and they work just as well as the other plastic tubs. They can be used in the microwave and in the freezer. I would like to know what they’re like after prolonged use, but so far so good, now I have to convince my wife to get rid of the old stuff. They get the thumbs up 👍 from me.”

Amazon Customer

” I just got the “Space-Saving Kitchen Pack “and have to comment on the superior quality of it. The quality is far above the other collapsable containers I have. I am using it daily and love it. I love that they are also safe to cook in so convenient to use in the microwave or oven. Thank you JSK 👍

Sandy Candy

Are you saying to yourself you already have collapsible containers & therefore don’t need these?

Do yours go in the oven?

Are yours multipurpose?

Are yours made with German Grade LFGB Material?

No? Then maybe you might want to take a look smile

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My Story

I have always enjoyed making improvements to processes & systems to make things more efficient. That is what I did in the corporate world up until 5 years ago.  When an unfortunate personal circumstance (leaving an abusive relationship) left me losing my life savings, it forced me to rethink what I really wanted to do with my life.

Without having anything left to lose, I took my business skills and embarked on a trip along the east coast of Australia living in a small Aussie teardrop trailer with the determination to build my own business.  I was the first to sell space-saving kitchenware at caravan and camping shows in Australia in 2015 and found myself educating consumers what they were about. I also sold online and was able to work from my laptop anywhere – in coffee shops, caravan parks, on river banks – wherever. The freedom and adventure that brought was a lifestyle I fell in love with.

I sold that business at the end of 2016 and then started JSK.  I believe that when it comes to food containers that touch the food and drink you consume, they should be of the best quality – German standard, and that is what the JSK silicone kitchenware is made of.  Every item has been tried and tested by myself over time – to ensure that it doesn’t become just another useless gadget! Not only that, each item has to be multi-purpose – convenience without the clutter. 

My passion: Other than running my business from the road in my caravan? I love to dance! Rockabilly Jive & West Coast Swing are my favourites followed by Salsa & Bachata. My dream is to dance around the world! 

Jacquie Treagus

With JSK kitchenware, you have the comfort of knowing you are cooking & consuming food from good quality, silicone kitchenware – that is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store and easy on the eye. 

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