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Fashionable and functional, the Just Smart Kitchenware collection is specially designed to keep your food and drink extra fresh compactly and stylishly – both at home and on the go.

So whether you’re picnicking on the banks of the Seine, preparing meals on a boating holiday, or want to carry your lunch at work in a smart and discreet fashion, our chic food and drink carriers will complement and enhance your lifestyle perfectly.  From a cooler bag disguised as an ultra-stylish, versatile zip-top backpack with a classic unisex design to a sophisticated dogtooth tote bag, this wearable kitchenware is both smart in design and smart in function.

We’ve reimagined the concept of traditionally bulky items such as cooler bags and shopping/picnic baskets – creating contemporary collapsible designs that can be flattened when empty or not in use. This makes them ideal for packing in small suitcases for business trips and travel as well as storing away at home or carrying compactly when out and about at the likes of festivals, sports events and the beach.

JSK is also delighted to be partnering with Grillight®, a US based company, in exclusively bringing their premium, innovative BBQ utensils to Australia & NZ. What makes a Grillight BBQ Spatula different from any other spatula? It’s patented inbuilt Ideal Illumination Technology torch in its handle, which perfectly replicates the colour of sunlight, not an artificial blue hue that many low-grade lights use – you’ll always know exactly how done your food is when grilling in the dark!

Not only that, we are enthusiastic in finding & bringing to you other really ‘smart’ kitchenware brands – like Glass on the Grass™, Silwy Magnetic Drinkware & Summer Picnic Tables.

Enjoy having a look around and we hope you find the perfect gift for someone or yourself!  Follow us on social or sign up via email to get notified of the latest smartest kitchenware.

Innovative entrepreneur brings the smart kitchenware movement to her native Australia

Just Smart Kitchenware

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