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New! The JSK Collapsible, Silicone Kitchen Bundle

Serve, heat, bake, freeze, mix, store & pour all with the new JSK space-saving, high quality, practical kitchen pack made with premium German grade silicone.

Multifunctional, Collapsible Silicone Bowl

The ultimate collapsible bowl that can be used for

  • Eating
  • Mixing
  • Serving
  • Melting
  • Baking

Made with high quality German grade silicone.

Silicone Collapsible Container with Silicone Lid | Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe | Rectangle | 2 Pack

Bake, Freeze, Heat, Store all in the One Container!

Made of premium quality (LFGB) silicone, this container can go from storing food in the freezer to baking a cake in the oven & heating food in the microwave providing the ultimate convenience for minimalist living where space and equipment are limited. The hard rim makes it easy to carry food to these appliances & hold whilst eating from. Non-stick & easy to clean, when not in use, it conveniently collapses to 1/3 of its size for easy carrying and storing.

Stylish Insulated Cooler Backpack – for Picnics, Events, Work, Shopping, Travel, Anywhere!

Discreetly keep your food and drink fresh on the go with this stylish insulated cooler backpack. In sophisticated two tone polyester, this classic unisex design boasts practicality as well as good looks.

Not only does it feature an aluminium foil insulated lining that keeps meals cool or warm for up to 4 hours, it also flattens down for easy storage when not in use. The sophisticated styling doesn’t look like the usual cooler bag – in fact it easily passes off as a chic zip-top backpack complementing both smart and casual attire.

Slim, Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Lid, Extra Large Ice Cubes (2 Tray Pack)

Smart in design and smart in function, this slim silicone large ice cube tray with lid prevents spillages in compact freezers on the move. So there will be no spilt water driving you around the bend when travelling in the likes of motorhomes and boats.

Being slim, you won’t have trouble finding space in your freezer at home either and the lid will allow you to store it on an angle without spillage.The slow melting large ice cubes are great for those who enjoy a Gin & Tonic or other beverage without diluting the taste. You can even put it in the oven to make party pies!

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