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2 months ago
Linda Craig
(verified owner)

I purchased the Kitchen Bundle 3 months ago with the intention of using the pieces in our motorhome. They’re collapsible and since the space in our motorhome is limited these pieces were a wonderful solution. I’ve found many uses for each piece in my kitchen at home when they're not being used in our motorhome. I love the color which was an extra bonus for me because it matches many of the items in my kitchen. I wanted a product that went beyond FDA approval. JSK pieces are premium grade silicone/LFGB which is safer than FDA approved silicone. Exactly what I had hoped to find and I couldn’t be happier with them. My next purchase will be the JSK ice cube trays. I’ll also use them in our motorhome or my son will use them in his mini refrigerator which has a small freezer in his college dorm room. Linda C., USA

3 months ago
Janet Smith
(verified owner)

We use ice cubes from these amazing trays every day. They are so simple to push out into your glass and so easy to refill. The lid comes on and off with ease. And don't think just tiny living spaces. We are a large home with a medium sized fridge/freezer and we have a stack of 3 trays in the front corner of our freezer. When we finish the top ice cube tray we refill and place it at the bottom of the stack, so that way we get "stock rotation" and the ice is always fresh. I love the quality of the silicone too. I highly recommend them, to every home, whatever the size!

6 months ago
Susan B.
(verified owner)

Bought two of these as Christmas presents.. I am sure the kids are going to love them. top quality and very stylish

7 months ago
Kayla S.
(verified owner)

Great little package! This set is perfect for our Camper Trailer and had everything we needed in it! Customer Service was also excellent in answering a query for me!

7 months ago
(verified owner)

We are super happy, they are great quality- we have other collapsible containers but they are pretty flimsy and I’m always looking for space savers in our little Home on wheels.

We look forward to seeing other products and saving more space with other purchases 🙂

10 months ago
(verified owner)

Great product and loved the thank you message on my receipt and on the label attached to the bag (nice touch)

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