This is the best recipe I have found for baking a cake in the normal microwave (i.e. without convection) and without egg.  Perfect for making when on the road in your campervan or RV or at home particularly if you do not have an oven!  Also, if you use one of our JSK silicone collapsible containers, you do not need baking spray either!  Win all round I say 🙂

What You’ll Need

1 packet cake mix

1/3 cup oil

1 cup lemonade (room temperature)

1 packet vanilla instant pudding


Equipment Used : Spoon, Mixing Bowl, Measuring cups, JSK Silicone Collapsible Container

Step 1 – Prepare

Mix together all the ingredients for a few minutes so ingredients are thoroughly combined. Pour into a microwave silicone container.

Step 2 – Cook

Bake in microwave for 6 – 9 minutes. How long you bake it for will depend on the microwave – in a 700 watt microwave, try seven minutes.


Make This With …

Silicone Collapsible Container with Silicone Lid | Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe | Rectangle | 2 Pack

Bake, Freeze, Heat, Store all in the One Container!

Made of premium quality (LFGB) silicone, this container can go from storing food in the freezer to baking a cake in the oven & heating food in the microwave providing the ultimate convenience for minimalist living where space and equipment are limited. The hard rim makes it easy to carry food to these appliances & hold whilst eating from. Non-stick & easy to clean, when not in use, it conveniently collapses to 1/3 of its size for easy carrying and storing.

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