Clear Silicone Straws (Curved) – 5 Pack


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SIP YOUR DRINK THROUGH A CLEAR SILICONE STRAW – being able to see what you are drinking allows for a more sensory experience. They are easier to clean too as you can easily see any dirty parts that you might have missed with the provided cleaning brush.

Perfect for people with mobility issues in being able to bring a cup to their mouth and drink from it, hence requiring a straw (but not a metal one).


Pack includes 5 x silicone transparent straws (bent) + 1 x cleaning brush.


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Which is Best – a Clear Silicone Straw or Glass Straw?

A clear silicone straw is better than a glass straw for a number of reasons:

  • Can bend without losing its shape.
  • Feels gentle in the mouth with no chance of chipping a tooth making it a preferable option for children and the elderly.
  • Can use for coffee and other hot drinks as silicone is quite heat resistant.
  • More durable than glass as no chance of them breaking when carrying them around.
  • Can cut them to the length you want to fit in your favourite cup or use as a cocktail straw.

There is the argument that it’s better not to use a straw at all for the environment which is quite understandable. However, there are also some valid arguments for using a reusable straw, such as:

  • Dentists recommend them for protecting your teeth against decay and staining as sugary drinks are sucked past the teeth.
  • Hygenic reasons particularly when drinking from cups and glasses in public places like cafes, restaurants & pubs.
  • For those who have a mobility disability in being able to bring a cup to their mouth and drink from it, hence requiring a straw.



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Clear Silicone Straws (Curved) – 5 Pack
Clear Silicone Straws (Curved) – 5 Pack


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