First to Sell Collapsible Containers at Australian Caravan & Camping Shows

It is fair to say Jacquie, the founder of JSK, knows quite a bit about collapsible containers. Jacquie was the first to sell collapsible containers at Australian Caravan shows back in 2015 in Adelaide with her previous business – before they all became the rage (even before the Flatstacks brand was available!).  As what happens in business, it wasn’t too long before other bigger companies jumped on the band wagon and copied – even packaging them up one inside the other as she had done!  The copycats  started bringing them into Australia in the ‘Container’ loads, excuse the pun :), and as a small, one person business Jacquie just could not compete.

Jacquie in the Advertiser Newspaper in Feb 2015

The bigger companies were and are, only interested in selling volumes of cheap products, no matter what the quality or function, because they can and many customers are only interested in price (fair enough). However, that is not what the JSK brand is all about. We are about quality and good function – multifunction, and this is the start of where the JSK collapsible containers differ.  They may be a little more expensive, but they are more durable, they do not smell, they can be used for more purposes, they look good, they are of better quality and they just work.

The differences that make JSK containers the best collapsible containers are based on:

1. Quality
2. Function
3. Colour
4. Leakproof

Let’s explore these differences a little further…

1. Quality

When a company says their silicone containers are of “food grade standard”, well there are two main grades – FDA & LFGB.  FDA standard is the minimum the USA, UK & Australia adhere to. LFGB is German standard, a much more stringent and better quality standard. LFGB silicone is also known as ‘Platinum’ silicone. JSK kitchenware is made from the better quality platinum LFGB silicone. For more information on these standards, venture over to this blog post.

2. Multifunctional

Every item within the JSK range needs to have multiple purposes – convenience without the clutter! Did you know our containers can actually be used in the oven to bake in too? They literally can go from the freezer to the oven or microwave!

The JSK square, transparent, collapsible container can be used in a fanforced oven up to 180°C (but not the lid) and our grey containers can be used in an oven up to 240°C.

They do not require baking spray or lining either. Look how easy it is pop out a cake from a JSK container!

Being square they are also great for storing sliced cheese and meats in the fridge in their flat form. The lid being square can also pass as a nice plate.

Photo Credit: The Camp Stove Chef

3. Colour

The square containers are transparent so you can easily see what you are storing inside them. The aqua rim gives it a nice decorative touch when using as a serving container when entertaining.

The grey silicone containers blend in nicely with the greyish kitchen colour scheme which seems to be quite popular at the moment.

Photo Credit: Ernie’s Journeys

4. Leakproof

Having no airvent in the lid makes them more leakproof than those containers that do, allowing you to store liquid meals in them without worrying about whether the air vent is going to pop open in your bag! 

When using them in the microwave, all you need to do is place the lid on an angle allowing the air to ventilate.

So there you have it. Four differences that make the JSK collapsible containers a better choice.  Don’t settle for a cheap brand when you can now have better quality and functional collapsible containers!

How to Purchase

The square collapsible containers are available in our JSK kitchenware bundle which also includes a collapsible bowl and funnel.

The collapsible bowl too has many purposes. It can be used in an oven up to 240 C – you could bake some bread/damper or an upside down cake in it. It can also be used inside a saucepan on the stove as a double boiler to melt some chocolate. It also passes as a nice chip bowl and it is a great size bowl to eat a salad from. So many purposes!

You can either purchase the bundle from our online shop or from our listing on Amazon (in Australia, UK & Germany).  

The grey silicone containers with silicone lid are available in the UK and can be purchased from our listing on Amazon or website here.

I just got the “Space-Saving Kitchen Pack “and have to comment on the superior quality of it. The quality is far above the other collapsable containers I have. I am using it daily and love it. I love that they are also safe to cook in so convenient to use in the microwave or oven. Thank you JSK 👍

Sandy Candy

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